Fair-Cooperation Guarantee

As a college student, you always have to write assignments that contribute significantly to the overall grades. Getting ample time to complete these assignments has been challenging for most college students. Hence, seeking writing help is among the smartest move a student can make to get the best academic guidance from professionals. Whenever you start your online search for a reliable website, you might get confused about which site to trust. There are hundreds if not thousands of assignment help websites, making it very hard to know which ones are trustworthy. However, with 101papers.com, you can fully trust our academic writing help services.

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How Does Fair Cooperation Work?

At 101papers.com, we understand that putting your trust on an online platform might be difficult. Therefore, we offer students a fair cooperation guarantee when they decide to work with us. With this guarantee, students are encouraged to build their confidence in us as we work towards the delivery of legit essay writing services. With the fair cooperation guarantee, our students can finally find a safe, affordable, and reliable platform to get all college essay writing services. The fair cooperation guarantee ensures that we provide all the services as promised for maximum customer satisfaction. We also count on our students to cooperate with us to deliver the best academic writing services.

What Should You Expect from Us?

best academic writing services

Top Quality Papers

At 101papers.com, we always aim at providing the best academic writing services. We always ensure that we hire highly-qualified educational professionals who can deliver papers of top quality. 101papers.com has been providing assignment help for more than ten years. Over this time, we have mastered the art of offering high-quality papers. Starting as a small company, 101 Papers has progressed into a company that provides the best academic writing services by maintaining a strict policy of offering quality services. We have managed to keep this policy by hiring highly qualified individuals who are enthusiastic about providing academic assistance. As such, our students can always expect high-quality papers from us.

Our editorial team is always available to ensure that these professionally written papers are delivered with no mistakes. Writing mistakes still require the third eye to spot. Therefore, to eliminate mistakes such as spelling errors, grammatical and spelling mistakes, we ensure that our editorial team goes through all papers to proofread them. The unit does not check on errors alone. They ensure that all instructions provided in the order form have been followed. In the end, the papers delivered are of high quality and with minimal mistakes.

Professionally Written Papers

In our zest to provide the best academic writing services, we always guarantee our students with professionally written papers. All our professional academic writers have different MA and Ph.D. qualifications which make them competent in handling academic work. In addition to this, we often give our writers extra training to equip them with the necessary writing skills and techniques. These writing skills and techniques transform our academic gurus into professional academic writers. As such, our writers employ unique writing techniques and skills in every paper ordered by students.

At 101papers.com, we never compromise on the quality of our academic writing services. We are always keen on the hiring process to ensure that our writing team comprises highly qualified individuals. With 101 Papers, you never have to worry about the quality of your assignments. Our professional academic writers are also well-versed with the higher learning standards and hence ensure that they write papers that conform to these standards. The quality of services also depends on the academic level of the client. Typically, the quality of undergraduate work differs from the quality of postgraduate papers. Hence, we always recommend that students indicate the level of education wile ordering for a paper.

100% Originality

Whenever we receive new orders from students, we always aim at delivering 100% content. We do not resell or reuse completed papers for fresh orders. Our professional academic writers develop all new orders from scratch. This way, we can follow the instructions and requirements of the student to produce customized papers. We are always geared towards meeting the specific needs of our students.

To maintain originality, we always assign a highly experienced writer in the discipline of the paper. Our writers ensure that they conduct intensive research on the assignment topic to come up with relevant and logical solutions. Our writers integrate their writing skills and academic backgrounds to provide the best educational writing services. We all these strategies in place, we assure our students of the provision of 100% original content.

101papers.com understands that plagiarism is unacceptable. Therefore, to confirm our commitment to the zero-plagiarism policy, we always run completed papers through the most advanced anti-plagiarism software. These software checks completed papers against previously submitted work to search for any kind of similarities. Students can always request for a plagiarism report on the delivery of the completed papers.

Full Anonymity

We guarantee all our students of full anonymity. All personal and bank account details will be handled with confidentiality. We ensure that every information of our students is not accessible to third parties. All transactions between the student and us shall remain private. In addition to this, we have fitted our website with security features that ensure safe and secure connections. These security features help us in evading any form of online damage by attackers. 101papers.com ensures that students can access a safe and reliable online platform for the best academic writing services.

24/7 Availability

101papers.com is always available to provide students with academic assistance at any time. Our live chat system provides students with the opportunity to reach out to us at any time of the day. We guarantee our students instant responses to all their queries. Students can always request one of our academic writing services at any time. Once your order for a paper through 101 Papers, your assigned writers will always be available for communications. Sometimes students need to be in touch with the writer to track their style and performance. Students can always contact us through our live chat system, email, or even request callbacks from our team.

Swift Delivery of Papers

We guarantee all students of the timely delivery of all papers. At 101papers.com, we never compromise on time. We are keen on meeting deadlines based on the urgency of the paper. At 101papers.com, we are fully aware that every college assignment has a deadline tag attached. These deadline tags have to be adhered to. Therefore, we always ensure that we submit all papers on or before the deadline on the order form. Our timely delivery gives students the time to go through the assignment on an earlier date before the official submission date. The timely delivery also gives you time to request a revision on the instances where you feel unsatisfied by the work.

Unlimited Revisions

In the rare cases of dissatisfaction, students can receive unlimited revisions upon request. These unlimited revisions only apply when the writer failed to understand the instructions on the order form. However, if students provide new guidelines that were not on the order form, they must submit the order as a new order. Students are requested to provide full instructions and requirement of a paper before the writer begins the wring process to avoid such instances. All unlimited revisions are provided freely to all our students upon request. 101papers.com is always geared towards customer satisfaction. Therefore, in case you feel the need for revision, we are always open to such requests.

Extra Services

As a courtesy service to all our students, we offer free additional services in every paper delivered by our writers. The additional services include a free cover and reference pages. We also offer free formatting services upon request by the students. With 101 Papers, students can free additional features while still get high-quality papers. These extra services are provided in all papers by our writers unless the student states that they do not need them.

Fair Prices

With 101 Papers, students have the opportunity to save more of their money. We offer the best academic writing services at affordable prices. We price our papers using a transparent pricing system that generates quotations for the papers. Our pricing system estimates the price of a paper based on the following factors:

  1. The academic level of the paper
  2. Number of pages of the paper
  3. The urgency(deadline) of the paper

Students should note that last-minute papers are usually more expensive than other papers. Usually, last-minute papers require higher input to complete the assignment within a short time.

Reliable Personal Student Account

101 Papers provides students with reliable personal accounts for communication. Students can make new orders and receive completed orders through these accounts. More so, the accounts provide a reliable platform for tracking ongoing papers. The student account also provides a platform where students can receive notifications of any updates. Sign up today and access your personal student account.

What Do We Expect from You?

For the best writing services, we have academic professionals who are well-trained in academic writing skills.

best academic writing services

Our professional essay writers work diligently to provide students with the best academic writing services. Therefore, to actualize our fair cooperation guarantee, we expect students to provide us with the following:

Provide Complete and Accurate Instructions

For us to provide the best academic services, we require accurate instructions from our clients. 101 Papers always aims at giving customized solutions to our students. We, therefore, need all the correct instructions of the assignment to provide the best solutions. The order form available on our website allows students to submit all the paper’s requirements as issued by the instructor. Providing all necessary information on the paper’s requirements will reduce the chances of revisions once the paper is complete.

What Do You Include in the Order Form?

The order form on our website provides a platform for students to issue all their papers’ instructions. Ensure you give the following information in the order form:

  1. Indicate the type of academic service that you need. Our website offers various academic writing services to students of different academic levels. Our services include writing services, rewriting services, editing, and proofreading services. Therefore, to deliver the required academic writing services, we have to know the type of service you need.
  2. Indicate the type of paper that you need. Academic assignments are of different types. For instance, you might need help with your research paper or proposal, thesis, term paper, bibliography, or reviews. Therefore, to ensure that we provide you with the best academic writing services, you have to indicate the type of paper that you need help with. This way, our customer support team can effectively allocate a writer with the best expertise the required services.
  3. Ensure that you also indicate the academic level of the paper you intend to purchase. The technicalities of undergraduate papers differ significantly with those of postgraduate papers. Our writers require that to indicate the academic level so that we can develop papers that conform to each level’s academic standards. This way, we are in a better position to deliver the best academic writing services.
  4. Always indicate the discipline of your assignment. With this information, we can easily allocate a writer with the appropriate qualifications to handle your paper. Our professional academic writers have different qualifications and can handle assignments of different disciplines or subject areas.
  5. Provide us with all the instructions issued by the instructor.
  6. Provide any necessary attachment
  7. Indicate the urgency of the paper
  8. Number of pages

Set Realistic Deadlines

Our assignment help experts always work diligently to deliver papers according to the urgency of the papers. Academic work usually requires sufficient time to research and compose. Therefore, we always request our students to set realistic deadlines for the papers that they order through 101papers.com. Consequently. Students should provide us with enough time for adequate and detailed research as we aim at providing the best academic writing services for our students. While placing the order, always remember that you will need time to go through the paper before the official submission date. Most importantly, we strongly advise students to avoid placing their orders last-minute for high-quality papers.

Follow the Payment Procedure

On completion of the order form, our online pricing system will generate a quotation and invoice for the ordered paper. Therefore, to complete the order process, students are required to follow all payment procedures. Upon paying for your order, we will send a notification to confirm the receipt of the payment. Henceforth, our customer support system will assign a writer who will start on your work. We offer transparent and flexible payment methods, giving students the chance to choose the most comfortable method.

Communicate with the Writer

It is always advisable for our customers to have direct communication with the writer handling your paper. 101papers.com provides an interactive portal where students can constantly communicate with us for any queries. With our systems of communication, students can always get in touch with our writers to further specify the instructions and also track the progress of the papers. Students can always ask for previews of their orders to learn and understand the writer’s style and performance. Students can always communicate with us through the live chat system, email, or the student’s personal account.

Stay Available

We always appreciate that our students stay available so that they can receive updates from us and respond whenever necessary. Since we cannot predict the exact time of the completion of your assignment, we always appreciate that you stay online so that you can receive notifications as soon as we send them. After that, you can review the delivered paper. Note that we do not suggest that students be on their computers throughout the day and night. Since our website is updated to the user-friendly mobile version, students can subscribe to notifications for faster communication.

With all these standards in place, it becomes easier for 101 Papers to execute the best academic writing services effortlessly. Students can always rely on us for all their academic writing needs. Our professional academic writers are always available to receive orders from the global community of students. Order now and receive the best academic writing services from academic experts.

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Our Guarantees

101papers.com is always working towards customer satisfaction. Our professional academic writers always aim at producing comprehensive papers that possess quality and originality at pocket-friendly prices. Students are assured that all their private information is safe with us.

Money-Back Guarantee

101papers.com provides a system where students can request for money-back in case they cancel the order or in the rare instances of dissatisfaction. The refund policy adheres to the company’s term and conditions on money-back.

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Zero-Plagiarism Guarantee

While providing the best professional essay writing services, we guarantee all our students of plagiarism-free papers. All papers produced by our professional academic writers are checked against all web resources and previously completed papers to avoid plagiarism.

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Free Revision Policy

In our urge to provide the best professional essay writing services, we guarantee students of free revision policy. The free revision policy is a courtesy service where students can request for unlimited for their completed papers. We always aim at achieving 100% customer satisfaction rates. The free revision policy is one among many of our major advantages.

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Privacy Policy

At 101papers.com, every student is entitled to total security. Our professional academic writers are always committed to protecting all private information of our customers. We do not share any personal information with third parties. Additionally, we provide safe systems for all online transactions.

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Fair-Cooperation Guarantee

Working with us is the greatest step towards achieving all your academic goals. We always deliver the best professional essay writing services as promised. We, therefore, expect all students to work cooperatively with us, as we work towards achieving our goal, your satisfaction. This way, all services will be delivered accurately and on time.

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