30 Apps to Boost Your Academic Writing

Academic writing and research can be challenging, but with the right tools, it becomes a breeze. In this article, we will explore 30 apps that will supercharge your academic writing and reading experience. These applications cover various aspects of the research process, from search engines to note-taking and from literature review to referencing. So, let’s dive in and explore how these apps can revolutionize your academic journey.

Search Engines

  1. SciLynk (http://scilynk.com): SciLynk is an advanced search engine that provides access to a vast repository of scientific literature and research papers. Its user-friendly interface and powerful search algorithms make it an indispensable tool for any academic researcher.
  2. Scinapse (http://scinapse.io): Scinapse is an AI-powered academic search engine that assists researchers in discovering relevant papers quickly. Its recommendation system based on user interests enhances the research experience.
  3. Perplexity (http://perplexity.ai): Perplexity is an innovative search engine that leverages machine learning to provide insightful and accurate search results. It is perfect for finding the most pertinent information on complex topics.
  4. Semantic Scholar (http://semanticscholar.org): Semantic Scholar is a free, AI-driven academic search engine that enables users to explore scholarly articles, citations, and influential papers in various fields.

Brainstorming Research Questions

  1. Claude (http://claude.ai): Claude is an AI-powered research assistant that helps researchers generate relevant research questions and hypotheses based on their topic of interest.
  2. ChatGPT (http://chat.openai.com): ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI, which can be used for brainstorming research ideas, discussing concepts, and gaining insights into various subjects.

Literature Review

  1. Iris (http://iris.ai): Iris is an AI research assistant that aids in conducting comprehensive literature reviews by identifying key papers, trends, and insights related to a specific topic.
  2. Elicit (http://elicit.org): Elicit is a powerful app that streamlines the literature review process by helping researchers discover, organize, and summarize relevant research articles.
  3. Inciteful (http://inciteful.xyz): Inciteful is an AI-driven tool that assists researchers in extracting valuable information from research papers, making the literature review process more efficient.
  4. The Literature (http://the-literature.com): The Literature is a platform that provides access to a vast collection of research papers and academic journals, making it an excellent resource for literature reviews.
  5. Research Rabbit (http://researchrabbit.ai): Research Rabbit is an AI research assistant that scours the web for relevant research papers, saving researchers time and effort during the literature review process.
  6. Connected Papers (http://connectedpapers.com): Connected Papers is an innovative tool that helps researchers visualize and explore connections between scientific papers, enabling a more holistic literature review.
  7. R Discovery (http://discovery.researcher.life): R Discovery is an intelligent platform that offers personalized research paper recommendations, making the literature review process more targeted and effective.
  8. Evidence Hunt (http://evidencehunt.com): Evidence Hunt is a comprehensive database of research papers, providing researchers with a one-stop solution for conducting literature reviews.
  9. System Pro (http://pro.system.com): System Pro is a research tool that streamlines the literature review process by automatically organizing and summarizing research papers based on the user’s preferences.
  10. Consensus (http://consensus.app): Consensus is an AI-powered platform that aggregates research papers’ insights, helping researchers identify key trends and patterns during the literature review.
  11. Keenious (http://keenious.com): Keenious is an AI-driven platform that assists researchers in discovering relevant research articles based on their areas of interest, simplifying the literature review process.
  12. Scite (http://scite.ai): Scite is a unique platform that utilizes citation analysis to evaluate the reliability of research papers, aiding researchers in conducting more credible literature reviews.

Reading Research Papers

  1. SciSpace (http://typeset.io): SciSpace is an innovative platform that enhances the reading experience of research papers by providing interactive and collaborative annotation features.
  2. Scholarcy (http://scholarcy.com): Scholarcy is an AI-powered app that helps researchers extract key insights and generate summaries from research papers, making reading more efficient.

Chatting with Research Papers

  1. Claude (http://claude.ai): As mentioned earlier, Claude not only aids in brainstorming research questions but also facilitates interactive discussions with research papers, making academic exploration more engaging.
  2. Humata (http://humata.ai): Humata is a language model that enables researchers to have natural language conversations with research papers, allowing for a deeper understanding of the content.
  3. ChatPDF (http://chatpdf.com): ChatPDF is an app that transforms the traditional PDF reading experience by enabling researchers to annotate, highlight, and share notes directly on the PDFs.



Taking Notes

  1. Glasp (http://glasp.co): Glasp is a note-taking app tailored for researchers, offering seamless integration with other research tools for an organized workflow.
  2. Lateral (http://lateral.io): Lateral is a research assistant that simplifies note-taking and knowledge organization, ensuring that researchers can easily access and use their collected information.
  3. ClioVis (http://cliovis.com): ClioVis is an interactive research platform that facilitates the creation of visually compelling notes and timelines, aiding researchers in organizing their thoughts effectively.
  4. Obsidian (http://obsidian.md): Obsidian is a knowledge management tool that allows researchers to link and visualize their notes, fostering a more comprehensive understanding of their research.


  1. Jenni (http://jenni.ai): Jenni is an AI writing assistant that helps researchers draft high-quality academic content, offering suggestions and improvements in real-time.
  2. AudioPen (http://audiopen.ai): AudioPen is an innovative app that converts spoken words into text, making it an excellent tool for quickly capturing and organizing research ideas.

Editing and Paraphrasing

  1. Paperpal (http://paperpal.com): Paperpal is an AI-powered editing tool that assists researchers in refining their academic writing and ensures it meets the highest standards.

References and Citations

  1. Zotero (http://zotero.org): Zotero is a widely-used reference management tool that simplifies the process of collecting, organizing, and citing research sources.


With these 30 apps at your disposal, academic writing and research become more efficient and enjoyable. Embrace the power of AI-driven tools, streamline your workflow, and explore new horizons in the realm of academia. These applications are designed to empower researchers like you, enhancing your ability to discover knowledge and contribute to the academic community.


  1. Are these apps compatible with all operating systems? The majority of these apps are designed to work across various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  2. Are these apps free to use? While some apps offer free versions with limited features, many provide premium plans with additional functionalities.
  3. Can I use these apps for non-academic purposes? Absolutely! Many of these apps can be valuable tools for anyone engaged in research and writing, whether for academic, professional, or personal reasons.
  4. Do these apps guarantee the quality of my research? These apps are powerful aids, but the quality of your research ultimately depends on your approach and diligence as a researcher.
  5. Do I need technical expertise to use these apps? No, most of these apps are designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that researchers of all technical backgrounds can benefit from them.

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