Which of the following factors can assist in establishing time of

1. Which of the following factors can assist in establishing time of death?
a. victim’s clothing

b. presence of weapons

c. rigor mortis
d. hair color
2. The type of “lust murderer” who is usually of above-average intelligence, methodical and cunning, and socially skilled, and who tricks victims into situations in which he can torture and then murder them, is called a(n),
a. serial killer.

b. organized offender.

c. disorganized offender.
d. mass murderer.
3. Which of the following statements is not true with regard to death investigations?
a. Body temperature drops 2 to 3 degrees in the first hour after death.
b. Rigor mortis appears first in the smaller muscles, such as those of the face.
c. After about 36 hours, rigor mortis usually disappears in the same sequence as it appeared.
d. Maximum lividity occurs within 15–20 hours after death.
4. Premeditation would be a requirement in which case?
a. first-degree murder

b. second-degree murder

c. excusable homicide
d. justifiable homicide
5. Rigor mortis is at its maximum at about ____________ hours after death.
a. 6 to 8 hours
b. 8 to 9 hours

c. 12 to 24 hours

d. 36 to 48 hours
6. Deaths are classified by type as
a. natural, accidental noncriminal, suicide, homicide noncriminal and criminal.
b. natural, accidental, suicide, murder.
c. Accidental, suicide, murder, voluntary.
d. either by accident or by the hands of another.
7. A dead body that sinks in water usually remains immersed for
a. 5 to 7 days in warm water and 3 to 4 weeks in cold water.
b. 8 to 10 days in warm water and 2 to 3 weeks in cold water.
c. 2 to 3 weeks in warm water and 5 to 6 weeks in cold water.
d. none of these choices.
8. The first priority in a preliminary homicide investigation is to
a. render aid to the victim.
b. keep the media away from the area.
c. identify the suspect.
d. secure the safety of the scene.
9. A common indicator of suicide using a knife is
a. no weapon present.

b. defensive wounds.

c. wounds made through clothing.
d. hesitation wounds.
10. Most medical examinations of a deceased person are conducted primarily to
a. prepare the body for burial.
b. determine the deceased’s identity.
c. determine the time and cause of death.
d. satisfy the state’s legal requirement.
11. Noncriminal homicide includes
a. justifiable homicide.

b. suicide.

c. voluntary manslaughter.
d. involuntary manslaughter.
12. A stiffening of portions of the body after death is referred to as
a. desiccation.

b. rigor mortis.

c. adipocere.
d. livor mortis.

13. What may occur if a body is exposed to an extremely hot and dry climate?
a. decomposition

b. disarticulation

c. mummification
d. skeletonization within 24 hours
14. Premeditation would be a requirement in which case?
a. first-degree murder

b. second-degree murder

c. excusable homicide
d. Manslaughter
15. It can be assumed that a victim has died on land if
a. the victim’s eyes glisten when the body is brought out of the water.
b. diatoms are found on the body.
c. half of the victim’s eye looks dry when the body is brought out of the water.
d. none of these choices.
16. If death is caused by carbon monoxide poisoning, lividity is
a. white.

b. dark blue or purple.

c. absent.
d. cherry red or strong pink.
17. Which of the following is not an indication of suicide?
a. defense wounds

b. hesitation wounds

c. wounds under clothing
d. weapon tightly clutched
18. Murder is classified as
a. excusable homicide.

b. nonfelonious homicide.

c. criminal homicide.
d. justifiable homicide.
19. Most cases of hanging are
a. homicides.

b. accidents.

c. suicides.
d. accidental homicides.
20. Shotgun wounds produce __________ than single bullets.
a. smaller exit wounds
b. smaller entry wounds
c. both smaller exit and smaller entry wounds
d. neither smaller exit nor smaller entry wounds
21. The postmortem cooling process of the body is called
a. adipocere.

b. lividity.

c. rigor mortis.
d. algor mortis.
22. A study of 800 homicide cases found that investigators are more likely to clear a homicide if
a. there is at least one witness to the crime.
b. they arrive at the scene within 30 minutes of being notified.
c. the incident is reported within 30 minutes to a 911 dispatcher.
d. at least one detective assigned to the case attended the postmortem examination.
23. The criminal or noncriminal, felonious or nonfelonious taking of life by another human or by an agency, such as a government, is called
a. murder.

b. homicide.

c. manslaughter.
d. crime against nature.
24. What type of murder usually includes the killing of three or more separate victims with a “cooling off” period between the killings?
a. mass murder

b. spree murder

c. serial murder
d. disorganized killing
25. The study of poisons can determine the type of poison, the amount ingested, the approximate time ingested and the effect on the body. This field is referred to as
a. toxicology.

b. odontology.


c. homeopathy.
d. entomology.




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