Soc 312 ashford child,family & society ass,dq,journal & quiz

SOC 312 (Child Family and Society)

Week 1

Week 1 DQ 1   Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model

Your text uses Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model to explain how children’s development is affected by different groups within their world.  Using this theory, we can understand how children are socialized both intentionally and unintentionally.  You must understand how this theory applies to your own upbringing as well as a young child’s upbringing in order to truly comprehend the concept.  Use your understanding of this theory to respond to the questions below.  

Week 1 DQ 2     Agents of Socialization

Agents of socialization include parents, siblings, extended family, community, culture, economic environment, religion, child care, school, teachers, peers, formal organizations, sports, mass media, and technology.  In an ideal world, these agents would complement one another in order to best influence a child’s development. Choose three of the above agents and discuss how these agents can have both a positive and negative influence on a child’s development.  Include examples from your own experience and share ways you believe the agents of socialization could be improved.

Week 1 Assignments:

SOC 312 Week 1 Journal Socialization

SOC 312 Week 1 Quiz (10 Mcq’s)

Week 2

Week 2 DQ 1    The Theory of Mind

Watch the following short film,
Theory of, demonstrating the theory of mind using a juice box experiment.

At around four years of age, a fundamental change occurs in children’s understanding of others’ behaviors or what is also called theory of mind. Using your knowledge from our readings, watch the video to determine which stage both Jacob and Patrick are currently in respectively.

Discuss both Jacob’s and Patrick’s reaction to the “mean monkey.”  What stage would Erickson say each child is in?  How do these different stages influence their values and attitudes?  Do you think it is possible for a child over the age of three to have trouble understanding that his or her beliefs can be false? Explain your reasoning.  

Week  DQ 2     Self-Regulation

Regardless of a child’s unique qualities, one thing remains the same; to improve learning and behavior, children must develop strong self-regulation skills. Read the following article from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), “
Developing Young Children’s Self-Regulation Through Everyday Experiences.”

Week 2 Assignments:

SOC 312 Week 2 Influence of Peers (600+ Words)

SOC 312 Week 2 Journal Gender Issues

SOC 312 Week 2 Quiz (10 MCQ’s)

Week 3

Week 3 DQ 1    Motivators

You are a preschool teacher.  Describe a situation in which you would use an extrinsic reward to motivate a preschooler.  Discuss how these motivators could result in learned helplessness.  Now give examples and explain how you can lead the same child to achieve intrinsic motivation by becoming their own locus of control.  Keep in mind that your end goal is for the child to be intrinsically motivated so they have ownership of the behavior.  

Week 3 DQ 2    Control

The role of the microsystem in shaping children’s effortful control is important and parents play a critical role. What would you recommend to a parent who asks you what he or she can do to promote his or her preschool child’s self-regulation skills? Now turning to the mesosystem, identify examples of influences on the child’s effortful control you can share with the parent.  

Provide examples of influences on children’s effortful control that you have observed in your own family and other families who are close to you.  

Week 3 Assignments:

SOC 312 Week 3 Developmentally Appropriate Teaching Strategies (650+ Words)

SOC 312 Week 3 Quiz (10 MCQ’s)

Week 4

Week 4 DQ 1     Cultural and Linguistic Differences

Listen to the
Cultural and Linguistic Differences podcast from The IRIS Center, or view the transcript.  Consider what Donna Ford has to say about prejudice and stereotyping.  

Discuss how educators can positively influence a school-age child to not hold biases or prejudices against others.  Give an example of how you can create a community of learners who support one another by fostering positive attitudes.  Give an example of how you could teach your students the importance of acceptance.  Your post must address the children in the concrete operational stage.  

Bullying is a prevalent issue during middle childhood.  Watch following video,
The Power of One – School Video Sample.

Choose one of the situations presented: Diego, Timmy, or Kendra.  Briefly describe the situation.  Offer suggestions that can be put into place by the teacher, school, and the parents (at least one for each).  Use the following resources to support your response:

  1. Bullies: What is Bullying
  2. Stopbullying


Week 4 Assignments:

SOC 312 Week 4 Bullying…Change (700+ Words)

SOC 312 Week 4 Journal Private or Public Bully

SOC 312 Week 4 Quiz (10 MCQ’s)

Week 5

Week 5 DQ 1   Technology

Your text shares many negative effects of technology and the media’s influence on children.  Regardless, technology is increasing rapidly and is only becoming a larger portion of our children’s lives.  First, choose an age level (toddler, pre-school, or elementary age).  Then, list three positive examples of how technology has enhanced socialization for children in that age group.  Give two additional examples of how parents/educators can use technology to further enhance a child’s socialization.  

Week 5 DQ 2    Nonparental Care

Choose one of the three nonparental care choices: nannies, center-based, or family-based care.  Pretend you are trying to sell your chosen method of care to a prospective client who is a parent of a toddler.  Share the advantages of your childcare setting so that the parent chooses your method to care for their child.  Address the following in your post: socialization, cost, turnover, and any other points that you believe are necessary to sell your childcare option.   

Week 5 Assignments:

SOC 312 Week 5 Final Project (14 Slides)

SOC 312 Week 5 Journal Self-Assessment

SOC 312 Week 5 Quiz (10 MCQ’s)

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