In this essay you will explore a problem related to science/technology and propose a solution. Using the problem-solution writing strategy allows you to organize your

essay into sections that each serves a different purpose. One section of your essay will present, define, and explain the problem. Another section of your essay will

present, define, and explain the solution to that problem. The purpose of a problem-solution essay is to motivate the reader to act on and/or think about the problem

and the solution presented.

For this assignment, you will use your research sources as evidence to define and explain both your essay’s problem and its solution.

NOTE: The solution you choose to solve the problem should be based on evidence from sources, not just your personal idea about a possible solution.

Essay #4: Problems, Solutions, Options (8-10 Pages)

Sources: (8 Total)

–Radical Evolution: Ch. 7 “Transcend” (Pages 229-265)

–7 Outside Sources: Feel free to use a mix of sources (books, essays, newspaper & magazine articles, essays, scholarly database articles) but whatever combination of

sources you choose be sure to use the most scholarly sources you can. Also, you will need a source or two to define your problem in addition to sources to define and

explain your solution.





Please keep in mind that the first attempt at figuring out what your essay is going to be about will be just that, a first attempt, and therefore rough and in need of

revision. I will give you feedback to apply to your final essay description, outline & source list. You will also receive feedback and suggestions from your fellow

class writers after posting your rough essay description in the related online discussion. That being said, the more thorough and specific and well thought out your

rough essay description is, the easier your revision will be. Include:

Name, Essay Topic
Detailed Paragraph Description (Abstract): Your paragraph description should be a clearly-defined end result of your preliminary research that clearly describes your

essay’s problem, solution, and possible thesis statement.
Essay Outline (See Below & Next Page For Suggestions)
Source List (Works Cited Page)& Description Of How You Will Use Sources
Final Essay Outline & Works Cited Page

An outline is more than just a list of what you intend to include in your essay. An outline is the END RESULT of all your research and thinking about your essay topic.

It is not a plan for what you WILL do, it is a thorough and detailed “script” for the essay you will write.

The following should be included in your Full Sentence Outline (see brief example of this type of outline further down the page and in the 102 Course Guidebook).

Name, Essay Title
Essay Introduction Paragraph (Explain Which Introduction Strategy You Will Use)
Underline Thesis Statement
Outline Contents:
a. Topic sentence for each section;

b. Title/author of sources;

c. specific quotes & page numbers from sources you will use;

d. how/where you will use them as evidence to support your argument;

Essay Conclusion Paragraph
Works Cited Page (correctly formatted).

Does essay paragraph description accurately reflect the actual content and ideas of the essay you will write or is it just a “rough guess” based only on a very brief

evaluation of your sources? Revise accordingly.
Does your source list include all sources? Did you include brief descriptions of HOW you will use each of these sources in your essay? Do your descriptions include

specific ideas and quotes from your sources? Did you include explanations of how each source supports your essay’s main idea? Revise accordingly.)

Essay #4 is where you apply everything you have learned about research, citation, and research writing this quarter. Your essay will address and explore a problem of

your choice related to the future drawn from your reading of the Transcend chapter of Radical Evolution and offer the reader a solution to that problem.

The problem could be something related to the application of science and technology mentioned in the Transcend chapter, for example augmented cognition or genetic


Another option is that the problem could be an ethical issue that needs to be addressed, for example issues connected to genetic engineering, or it could be an

exploration of the implications of the changing definitions of human nature in light of scientific advances.

Think of your audience with this final essay: what problem or potential problem do you want to teach them about? What action do you want them to think about taking

when proposing a solution to the problem? How does the problem relate to the ideas and topics in the Transcend chapter of Radical Evolution? What is your vision of the

future as it relates to these ideas, your chosen problem, and chosen solution?

Documentation: In-text M.L.A. source citations & Works Cited Page. See the Appendix of Nuts & Bolts Of College Writing for M.L.A. citation format explanations.

Final Essay Writing Skills Goals:

Avoiding plagiarism; using in-text source citations; citing different types of sources; preparing works cited page; presenting an argument supported by evidence from

research sources; practicing the problem-solution writing strategy; source research; source selection; thinking about how to use sources; writing a strong thesis


Underline your thesis statement.


In this assignment, you will be writing about a problem and offering a solution to that problem. In doing so, you will be faced with two major tasks.

First, you will have to identify and define the problem. Second, you will have to propose a logical, well-developed, and well-argued solution to that problem.

Here are some characteristics of this type of essay:

It analyzes a problem and takes a stand on it.

It gives reasons for readers to support the proposed solution.

It uses evidence from sources to persuade the reader and support your main idea.

It uses sources to explain and illustrate both the problem AND the solution.



Use the conclusion of your problem-solution essay to offer the reader the opportunity to think about how they might take action or what they should think about if they

are concerned about the problem your essay has explored.

The conclusion can serve as a call to action. For example, perhaps you might suggest ways for your reader to get involved with the issue you are writing about. Perhaps

there are organizations they can get in touch with that are concerned with your essay’s problem. Perhaps there is a specific action the reader can take that you

discovered through your research.

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