Phil 201 quiz 3 answers liberty university | complete solution


PHIL 201 Quiz 3 Answers Liberty University | Complete Solution

The below shown questions is just one version sample.

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Question 1

Which of the following is NOT one of the reasons that epistemologists are generally hesitant to accept testimony as a source of knowledge:

Question 2

According to Hume, why can we never arrive at certainty?

Question 3

According to Dew & Foreman, faith is one of the sources of knowledge.

Question 4

For Locke, which of the ideas below would be a complex idea:

Question 5

For Hume, which of the following would be a matter of fact:

Question 6

For Plato, the realm where things are constantly in a flux and changing is:

Question 7

The philosopher who arrived at certainty through a process of doubting all of his knowledge was:

Question 8

Scientific antirealism is the view that science does not claim objects like electrons actually exist. They are just a fictional construct to explain how things work. This view fits best with which truth theory:

Question 9

David Hume was a:

Question 10

The one below that is NOT one of the necessary criteria for the traditional definition of knowledge:

Question 11

Which truth theory holds that a proposition is true if it matches reality:

Question 12

The basis for Descartes knowledge of the material world was:

Question 13

One problem with the coherence theory of truth is that it is not linked with the real world but only systems of beliefs.

Question 14

According to the traditional definition of knowledge:

Question 15

Certain basic beliefs can be accepted rationally without evidence or proof, according to:

Question 16

According to Morris, your feelings, desires, hopes and dreams are all dependent in some way upon your beliefs.

Question 17

According to Morris, the principle of belief conservation refutes the evidentialist principle.

Question 18

Morris’ list of ancient skeptics included:

Question 19

William James held that precursive faith allowed us to set aside evidence in order to choose a belief.

Question 20

Karen says she doesn’t believe that you can ever have real knowledge. When asked if she claims to know that as a fact, she says no, but she believes that is the case. Which category of skeptic is she?

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