Outline/ thesis topic the geology of volcanically formed mountains

The topic that I choose for the assignment is 


Submit your geology project thesis and outline by the end of this week. (Refer to your original project assignment in Week 02, which provides a model outline.) Your thesis or hypothesis, the concept that you are interested in testing, should be provided as a sentence at the beginning of your outline. Your instructor will use your outline to evaluate your progress and current understanding of your topic. 


Week 5 Geology Project – Outline and Thesis Assignment

*The below structure and format should be utilized for this assignment.

  1. THESIS – Your thesis is the main point you want to make about a geologic topic, in a complete and independent sentence. (10 points)


  1. First Subtopic (4 points)
    1. Supporting Fact #1 from research
    2. Supporting Fact #2 from research
    3. Supporting Fact #3 from research


  1. Second Subtopic (4 points)
    1. Supporting Fact #1 from research
    2. Supporting Fact #2 from research
    3. Supporting Fact #3 from research


  1. Third Subtopic (4 points)
    1. Supporting Fact #1 from research
    2. Supporting Fact #2 from research
    3. Supporting Fact #3 from research


  1. Fourth Subtopic (4 points)
    1. Supporting Fact #1 from research
    2. Supporting Fact #2 from research
    3. Supporting Fact #3 from research


  1. Fifth Subtopic (4 points)
    1. Supporting Fact #1 from research
    2. Supporting Fact #2 from research
    3. Supporting Fact #3 from research


Additional Geology Project Requiremnts to Keep in Mind:

As topics are chosen for the final paper and papers continue to develop please keep the below requirements in mind:

1)      There needs to be a Cover Page, Reference Page, and there MUST BE 5 pages minimum of text for the paper. These 5 pages DO NOT include photos, diagrams, cover page or the reference page.

2) Font – Times New Roman.  Font Size – 12.  Line Spacing – Double.

3) Resources must have intext citations throughout the paper in APA format and included in the APA reference list. There MUST BE at least 5 resources used in the paper. 

Wikipedia MAY NOT be used as a resource for this project, because Wikipedia can be changed by anyone at anytime, thus for our paper Wikipedia is not an approved resource.


4) All photos, pictures, diagrams and table sources must be cited by the items in APA format and the source must be included in the reference list too.

5) Paper needs to be written using proper grammatical mechanics (clear, concise, complete sentences and paragraphs), proper spelling, and punctuation.

6) This is a research paper and thus MUST BE in Third Person, thus DO NOT USE words such as: I, we, me, you, us, Let’s (short for let us) or our in this paper.


Fine-Tuning Your Thesis

Adapted from the Pocket Wadsworth Handbook by Laurie G. Kirszner and Stephen R. Mandell, stated in Angel under “Lessons” tab, “Course Materials” and then “Thesis.”

Topic Area (too general)

Tentative Thesis (rough, vague) Based on Topic
Earthquakes cause a lot of damage.

Final Thesis (more precise)
Earthquakes can result in ground displacements, landslides, liquefaction, Tsunamis, and fires.

Note how this final thesis provides you with the sharpest focus that enables you to dig deeper into a topic rather than just discussing a broad area.


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