Evaluating Data

NOTE: Please use APA 7th ed. for referencing and in-text citations please!! (NO .com references! Only scholarly and peer-reviewed!!!) If you do not have a completed reference (where you retrieved it from if no doi…..), I will cancel the order!! All references need to be in alphabetical order, as 7th ed. APA requires! Can use as examples/guidance: 1. Caldwell, B. W., & Halupa, C. (2014, June). A pilot study of an online accelerated statics course with intensive video delivery. Paper presented at the meeting of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN. Retrieved from https://www.asee.org/public/conferences/32/papers/9090/ viewThis article is the final published version of the raw interview field notes that was presented in Learning Activity 2. This is provided to you as an example of how this type of data is analyzed for peer-reviewed presentations and journals. This paper was presented in 2014 and published in a journal in 2015 as well.] 2. O’Connor, H., & Gibson, N. (n.d.). A step-by-step guide to qualitative data analysis. Community Associates Training Workshop. Retrieved from https://www.researchgate.net/publication/292432218_A_Step-By- Step_Guide_To_Qualitative_Data_Analysis Directions: Review The Steps at the New York Public Library qualitative field notes (attached), analyze the data and report the results in an acceptable form for qualitative research results. The overall length of this assignment should be approximately 3 pages. Please see the example provided in this module for guidance.(given above, only as guidance) Some hints: Compare and contrast the data, and identify similarities and differences among participants. Was there a common theme across all or most of the participants (that all or most participants did during your responses)? Who did something different compared to everyone else? Provide descriptive statistics for your observations. Descriptive statistics in the context of this paper refers to percentages (e.g., three out of five participants used…or 100% of the participants didn’t…).Were there any outliers?EDUC: Qualitative ResearchThe Steps at the New York LibraryObservation Narrative Date: 20 July 2009 4: 30 in the afternoon Observer: Dr Elaine Smith. Setting: The steps at the New York Public Library. A girl about 18 in a short black skirt and a Megadeth t-shirt passes by. She has purple hair, wears high top black sneakers and has her eyebrow pierced. In her ears she has an IPod. She does not even glance at the building as she passes by. She opens a piece of gum and carelessly lets the wrapper fall to the ground. A boy of about 10 with glasses and freckles wears frayed jeans and a T shirt that is too big for him. He grabs the hand of his mother who is about 38 years old dressed in a business suit and heels and is carrying a briefcase. The boy has a short crewcut on his brown hair. His mother is a brunette with her frosted brown hair put up in an updo. The boy pulls her towards the small concessions stand located under Patience (or is it Fortitude?) the stone lion and begs for some candy and a drink. The mother is talking on a cell phone. The mother places her hand over the phone and tells the boy no and the boy starts begging loudly and refuses to move. Looking harried, the mother digs some money out of her briefcase and the boy gets his candy and soda. As they walk past, the boy drops his soda all over the ground. He looks my way as his mother pulls him down the street and they leave the half full bottle on the ground. I can hear the mother chastising the boy as they walk down the street. A man about 70 years old with a cane comes down the steps of the Metropolitan bus. He wears an old threadbare suit and tie and pale patches of skin and wisps of gray hair escape from underneath his hat. His cane slips on the soda bottle the boy dropped and left behind. He picks it up and places it in the trash can. He slowly makes his way past me, tipping his hat and nodding at me as he slowly creeps up the steps of the library. A noisy group of five girls who are about eight years old run down the steps behind me. One red haired girl in pink leggings and a red Jones Elementary school T shirt hits me in the head with her purse as she trots by. She does not even acknowledge that she hit my head. Another girl with long brown hair trails behind her and looks at me apologetically and mouths “sorry.” The other three girls are blondes in their red Jones T Shirts who run behind them giggling and talking. When they reach the sidewalk, they peek out from behind one another looking towards the steps of the library and me. Their 30+ year old teacher, who looks like Jennifer Aniston, also wears a red Jones Elementary T shirt and a pair of black pants comes out of the door is the library after them. She passes so close to me I can feel the whisper of the breeze from her. She does not acknowledge me. She gathers up the girls in the group and herds them down the Avenue. As they go off, one of the girls takes a library flyer she had in her hands, folds it against her body into a paper airplane and shoots it off into the traffic. A young man of about 20 in ripped up jeans and a dingy white T shirt with a hole in it comes up the steps and sits about five feet from me on the step above. He has black wavy hair that falls to his shoulders. As he comes up the steps, he smiles tentatively at me. He sits down and lights up a cigarette. Silently he lifts the pack towards me and I nod my head no. He sits and stares out into the traffic. When he finishes his cigarette, he grinds it under his heel on the library steps. He smiles again and walks off half way down the block to where he and his crew are working on street jackhammering the pavement. A young Hispanic girl of about 18 and a Hispanic young man about the come up the library steps. They both have short brown hair, tan skin and well scrubbed glowing faces. They both smile and say hello to me and show me their brilliant white teeth. They go into the library. A few moments later they come out with a large empty green garbage bag. An African American man in a dress shirt and trousers with his head shaved gets up from the metal cafe table and chairs in front of the steps. Previously he was working on his laptop. He starts picking up discarded paper and plastic bottles from around the tables. He waves to the young man with the garbage bags and the man brings the bag and the gentleman drops in the garbage. The young Indian woman in the concession stand steps out and locks the door. For a long time (2 hours or more) she looked at me numerous times. When I looked back at her, she has turned her eyes away. She is dressed in a pale orange sari. She moves the table of pashminas she is also selling behind the concession stand. She grabs a large broom and dustpan from behind her concession stand and starts sweeping the trash from in front of her concession stand. She waves at me as she starts to sweep around the empty metal café tables and chairs. She neatly sweeps the debris into a large dustpan and deposit s it in the trash can. She looks at me and smiles brightly. I get up off the steps with my notebooks and pens. I put them into my eco friendly bamboo bag. I walk into the library to thank the librarian for allowing me to conduct my qualitative research. I turn around and walk down the steps. On the front and back of my T long sleeved shirt the letters are large and bold. KEEP YOUR LIBRARY CLEAN!! Patience and Fortitude , the stone lions in front of the library, are emblazoned in red and black on my white T shirt smile above the lettering with brooms in their paws . I take off my lion head and my fake fur paws and feet and I walk down the library steps and head over and hop on the bus. Grading Information The purpose of this narrative is to teach students to pick out like and different things about individuals when performing an observation. Students are to create a checklist for collecting data for this scenario that includes the factors that are observed. In addition, students are to write a few paragraphs comparing and contrasting the observations that were made in this scenario. Students should create a checklist that includes the following common elements that can beobserved in the above narrative: Individual AgeIndividual EthnicityIndividual Outward Appearance (dress) Individual’s Attitude towards researcher What Individual Does with Trash Students should also complete the checklist for each individual to assist in comparison and contrast of observations.

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Evaluating Data
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