Persuasive Essay on the Benefits of Increasing the Minimum Wage

How To Write a Persuasive Essay on the Benefits of Increasing the Minimum Wage

The stagnant minimum wage and increasing cost of living have been major debate topics for many years. Most people argue that the minimum wage does not sustain workers and should be increased. They cite the benefits of raising the minimum wage as increased consumer spending, improved economy, and reduced poverty. Those against increasing the minimum wage claim it will result in losses for small businesses and only benefit teenagers.

When writing a persuasive essay on the benefits of raising the minimum wage, research and obtain convincing arguments supporting your position. You can craft a compelling essay proposing an increase in the minimum wage with the right approach. Here is everything you need to know to craft a persuasive essay on “the benefits of increasing the minimum wage”:

Why Is the Minimum Wage Debate So Controversial?

How To Write a Persuasive Essay on the Benefits of Increasing the Minimum Wage

The federal minimum wage was created in 1938 and has consistently remained controversial. This is mainly due to the perceived gap between the existing minimum wage and the need for a more stable” living wage.”According to Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the minimum wage has been seven dollars since July 24, 2009, when it was last increased.

There is a tremendous debate over how high the minimum wage should be and its economic impacts. Adults earning the minimum wage live in poverty and receive public assistance from the government. They have not seen an increase in their wages despite an increase in inflation over the years. This has resulted in different views on whether to increase the minimum wage as explained below:

  • Supporters of an increased minimum wage explain that hourly rates should be raised to lift American workers out of poverty. Economists who support this idea emphasize the benefits of raising the minimum wage and claim it positively impacts the economy. High wages eliminate the need for public assistance, increase customer spending, and promote economic growth.
  • Opponents of the increased minimum wage hold that increased wages result in employers suffering high labor costs, especially small companies that operate under slim profit margins. Economists in support of this view suggest that this negatively affects the economy resulting in job loss and high consumer costs.

These divergent ideas have resulted in controversy and ongoing tension on whether the government should increase the minimum wage. Opposers of an increased minimum wage are as many as the proposers of the idea. However, increasing the minimum wage for many Americans living in poverty has proved to have major benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Increasing the Minimum Wage?

Raising the minimum wage is a great way to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich in the country. Despite working many hours daily, many people still rely on the government for public assistance. This should not be the case; there is a need for a policy ensuring that any American working enough hours a day can rely on their income other than government aid. Here are some of the benefits of raising the minimum wage in the country:

The Benefits of Increasing Minimum Wage to the Economy

It is common to be confused about how raising the minimum wage benefits the economy. A higher minimum wage increases consumer spending, boosting the economy. For example, increasing the minimum wage from seven to 15 dollars results in low-wage workers earning double their salary. This leads to a vicious cycle of great demand for services and goods, increased productivity, and economic growth.

Low-earning employees making higher yearly wages increase money circulation in the economy. This results in a productive economy where businesses flourish and employees enjoy improved living standards. Most of the low-earning workers also save up their income and start small businesses resulting in economic growth and prosperity.

Recent experiences in cities that have increased their minimum wage prove its positive effects on the economy. San Francisco is one of the cities that increased their minimum wages to sixteen dollars and experienced huge growth in the hospitality and leisure industries. This resulted in increased growth of the state’s economy to a great extent.

Benefits Of Increasing the Minimum Wage for Small Businesses

Supporters of a higher minimum wage cite the benefits of increasing the minimum wage for businesses as one of their primary arguments. Small businesses benefit greatly from the minimum wage since it increases employees’ productivity. When employees are paid fairly for their effort, their morale increases resulting in improved productivity. If they were working two jobs, they may stop working their side job and concentrate more on their primary job resulting in high productivity.

A high minimum wage results in job satisfaction, which equates to increased communication, creativity, and collaboration. This leads to employee loyalty, reduced turnover, and lower recruiting costs. Small businesses can enjoy quality labor without spending heavily on employing new workers after a short period. This plays a great role in saving turnover costs and increasing business growth.

Raising the minimum wage also reduces absenteeism in small businesses. Employees earning a high income are less likely to miss work for different reasons, for example, sickness, and family issues. They are motivated to go to work on a daily basis and rarely give excuses to be absent. Reduced absenteeism resulting in increased productivity and overall company performance.

The Social and Personal Advantages 

Raising the minimum wage has major social impacts including reducing the marginalization of some races. Black people, Hispanics, and Asians are some of the marginalized races earning low wages in the USA. Raising the minimum wage results in these groups experiencing improved lifestyles. This plays a great role in reducing the racial marginalization of some races in the country.

With the growing income gap between the white and black races, a higher minimum wage helps to minimize inequality. Many black people earn the minimum wage resulting in high rates of poverty. Raising the minimum wage will reduce poverty and allow more black people to attain higher living standards. This will help to bridge the gap between whites and blacks in the county.

Increasing the minimum wage have personal advantages for the citizens. With very low wages, many need help to afford quality health care, shelter, and organic food. With higher wages, low-income people access quality healthcare and afford healthy foods. A higher minimum wage means better life quality for low-wage employees.

Boosts Consumer Spending and Economic Growth

Increasing the minimum wage boosts people’s expenditure on goods and services, boosting the economy. Low-income employees have a high marginal propensity to consume- they spend higher whenever they make extra money.  With increased pay, the majority spend most of the money on different goods and services. The increased spending fuels business growth and overall economic development.

Increased customer spending means that businesses make increased sales and revenues. High sales results in a multiplier effect where the businesses employ more people reducing unemployment. This leads to even more spending and overall growth of the economy.

Poverty Reduction

When workers receive more pay, they have increased disposable income for their basic needs. Families that could not afford quality food, shelter, and healthcare can now afford it. This helps to reduce poverty and improve living standards in society.

An increased minimum wage also results in low-wage workers being able to educate their young ones. Most children with parents struggling to pay for their basic needs drop out of school and join gangs or seek government aid. Some get into early marriages and get more children in poor living conditions, leading to unending cycles of poverty in their families. With increased wages, parents can educate their children and bring hope to their struggling families.

When workers are paid a high salary, they put the money back into the economy, stimulating economic prosperity. This results in a ripple effect where everyone can enjoy more money for clothing, food, and healthcare. With reduced poverty, public assistance also decreases, thus lowering taxation. Everyone in the country gets to enjoy more money circulation.

How To Write a Persuasive Essay on the Benefits of Increasing the Minimum Wage

Benefits of increasing minimum wage

Pros of increasing the minimum wage: Debunking common myths

The ” pros of increasing the minimum wage” debate also experience opposition. Opponents hold various myths against a high minimum wage. Here are some of the common myths and a detailed explanation of whether they are true or not:

“It Will Hurt Small Businesses”

The claim that increasing the minimum wage hurts small businesses is common. It suggests that businesses will not afford to pay wages to their employees, resulting in some employees being laid off. Some people suggest that the high labor costs might result in businesses closing down due to limited profits.

Research proves this is not the case; raising the minimum wage does the opposite. It helps small businesses since it increases consumer spending resulting in more sales. Low-wage workers earn more salary and spend it to purchase goods and services, increasing business sales.

Raising the minimum wage increases business sales due to improved employee productivity. As employees make more money, they are motivated to work harder. Their levels of absenteeism decrease significantly, resulting in increased business progress. Motivated employees also have low turnover reducing the costs of hiring and training new employees.

Studies prove that small businesses hire more employees with increased minimum wage.  Higher wages boost customer spending, increasing business revenue; this provides the finances to hire more people. In the long run, this translates to business growth and increased revenue.

“It Will Lead to Job Losses”

People opposing raising the minimum wage argue that it results in job loss. They claim that increasing the minimum wage increases business expenses. This leads to the laying off of some employees to avoid high business costs.

Studies evaluating the impact of a high minimum wage on employment found that it does not result in job loss. High wages result in increased job opportunities and decreased unemployment in society. With increased wages, consumer spending rises, stimulating local economies and increasing job growth.

A high minimum wage also decreases employee turnover since workers are satisfied with their jobs. Most people choose to work instead of relying on government assistance. This translates to reduced hiring and training costs for businesses; they can save revenues and invest in more employees.

Economists have found that a 15-dollar minimum wage does not reduce employment in any state, even those with the lowest wages. A wage increase does not reduce the number of employees required in any industry. States with increased minimum wage, such as California and San Francisco, did not report any reduced job opportunities after increasing their minimum wage. A study on the impact of increasing the minimum wage found that 13 states that raised their minimum wage in 2014 experienced more job opportunities than other states.

“It Will Only Benefit Teenagers”

Some people believe increasing the minimum wage only benefits some demographics, such as teenagers. While teenagers benefit from a high minimum age, they are not the only demographic that enjoys gains. Most low-wage workers are adults from black, Hispanic, and Asian backgrounds. A higher wage helps these adults improve their living standards and those of their families.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2019, only five percent of teenagers were earning the minimum wage. This proves that the rest 95 % are adults taking care of their children or other family members. As per the study, the largest age range of people working within the minimum wage are aged between 25-54 years.

The idea that the minimum wage only benefits teenagers is inaccurate. It is key to consider the broader impacts of the policy, such as helping low-income families afford quality food, shelter, and clothing. Higher wages lower economic inequality and help many adults sustain their families.

Benefits of Increasing the Minimum Wage Essay Structure

How To Write a Persuasive Essay on the Benefits of Increasing the Minimum Wage

Benefits of Increasing the Minimum Wage Essay Structure

When writing an essay on the “benefits of raising the minimum wage,” you need to follow a clear format. Explain your ideas to ensure fluidity and readability. Also, follow the paper’s instructions to the letter and use the right format to avoid losing some marks. Here is a simple structure you can follow when writing your paper:


This is the first section of your paper and sets the tone for your essay. Your introduction should be interesting and straightforward, encouraging readers to want to read more. It should provide background data on your topic, giving readers a hint of what to expect in the body paragraphs.

When writing an essay about the benefits of increasing the minimum wage, your introduction should give readers an overview of the topic. Anyone reviewing your introduction should get an idea of some of the minimum wage benefits to gain the interest to find out more.

Start With a Hook

The hook is the opening sentence or line in the introduction; It is meant to capture the reader’s attention and engage them to keep reading. Your hook should be captivating and give readers an initial idea about the topic.

Your hook could be a quote, fact, statistics, or a rhetorical question. When writing an essay on the benefits of increasing the minimum wage, you could provide readers with a fact regarding the minimum wage. For instance, you could say,” Did you know that despite inflation doubling since 2009, the minimum wage has been stuck at 7 dollars”. This leaves your readers anticipating to know more about this minimum wage and its relationship with inflation.

Provide Background Information

Background information is any relevant data that readers require to understand your essay. It summarizes what you have discussed in your essay providing context to your readers. This offers an opportunity to explain key terms readers may need help understanding.

When writing the essay on “benefits of increasing the minimum age,” provide background information on why the minimum wage needs to be increased. You could also explain the minimum wage in case your readers do not understand its meaning. Ensure you provide just enough information to give your readers context; Do not overexplain this section, as it results in a long introduction.

State Your Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the primary point of your essay; make sure it is concise and clear. Your thesis statement is one or two sentences explaining the central point of your essay. It is supported by the evidence you provide in the body paragraphs.

When writing ” the benefits of Increasing the minimum wage,” essay make sure your thesis statement is simple and accurate. Ensure that anyone who reads your thesis statement knows what to expect in the body paragraphs. An excellent thesis statement for your essay would be, ” Increasing the minimum wage not only benefits small businesses but also increases consumer spending, reduces poverty, and fuels economic growth.”

Preview Your Main Points

This is the section where you introduce your readers to the main points of your essay. It briefly describes each point and how it supports the thesis statement. When crafting an essay on the benefits of increasing the minimum wage, some of your main points include reducing poverty, promoting small business growth, and fueling economic development.


This is the section where you present your arguments and evidence supporting your thesis. Each body paragraph should introduce a new idea to ensure flow in your paper. Provide as much evidence, such as facts and statistics, to support everybody’s paragraph.

Avoid providing a lot of fluff content in this section as it may confuse readers or distract them from your thesis statement. Write short and meaningful sentences that add value to your paper. Also, make sure your sentences connect well for flow in your paper.

Follow the right format when drafting your body paragraphs. Start with a topic sentence introducing the main point discussed in the paragraph. Follow this with examples and evidence supporting the ideas, including quotes from credible sources. Ensure that every point relates to your thesis statement to avoid confusing readers.


The conclusion is the last section restating the main points of the research paper. Start by restating your thesis statement and summarizing the main points of your essay. This gives your readers a connection between your arguments and evidence supporting your thesis.

Explain the implications of your study on society or a given authority. In the case of your essay ” the benefits of raising the minimum wage,” identify that the government needs to raise the minimum wage. Illustrate that failure to do so will result in increased poverty and poor economic conditions in the country. This helps to make it clear that your findings are accurate and that proper measures need to be put in place as soon as possible.

Finalize your essay by encouraging your readers to take some action. Let them know that they can play an active role to increase the minimum wage by creating awareness on social media. This empowers them and helps you impact society positively through your essay.

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