Bibl 110 study guide module week 5


Derived from the class text book, The Essence of the New Testament: A Survey (2016)

and the New Testament documents.


Chapter 14

Ephesians: Wealth, Walk, and Warfare

1.      Ephesians is a comprehensive presentation of the __________ ________ (cf. 1:22–23; ENT, 188).

2.      The apostle Paul wrote Ephesians while imprisoned in ______ from approximately AD ____–____ (188–191).

3.      The key word in Ephesians is “______________” (Gk. epouranioi; 188).

4.      Know the key verse in Ephesians: ____________________________________________


5.      The city of Ephesus was the capital of ______ ______ and the center of ________ ____________ in the area (190).

6.      Ephesians was likely written as a circular letter (191). What is meant by circular letter?

7.      What are the two major sections of Ephesians (192)?

8.      How does the first unit of Ephesians (1:1–15) depict the unique role of each Person of the Trinity (192–193)?

9.      The Greek word pistis (faith) carries a spectrum of meanings in the NT. Discuss the various spectrums and detail which nuance is applicable to Eph 2:8–10 (194).

10.  Describe the concept of being “in Christ” as Paul portrays it in his letter to the Ephesians (195–196).


Chapter 15

Philippians: The Mind of Christ

1.      Philippians may be described as an intensely __________ and intimately __________ letter (200–201).

2.      Paul wrote to the church in the city of Philippi around AD 60 during his __________ imprisonment (200–201).

3.      The key word in Philippians is “___________” (200, 204).

4.      Know the key verse in Philippians.

5.      The account of how the church in Philippi was established is given in ________ (201).

6.      Discuss how Phil 2:1–11 provides a profound example of how to live out the mind of Christ (204).

7.      According to Phil 2:1–11, Jesus Christ is the supreme example of ______, __________, and ____________ (204).

8.      The Greek term ________ emphasizes one’s thinking and attitude. According to Paul’s message to the Philippians, Christ-like thinking produces joy, peace, and contentment (204).

9.      Discuss the emphasis of the phrase “among whom you shine like stars in the world” (Phil 2:15) and how it relates to Jesus’ teaching in Matt 5:14–16 (205).

10.  Paul emphasizes true joy is not contingent upon ______________ but in knowing that an all-powerful and all-loving God is in control (Phil 1:12–20; 4:6–8).

Chapter 16

Colossians: Preeminence of Christ

1.      The apostle Paul wrote to the church in the city of Colossae about ______ from ______ where he was a prisoner, living under house arrest (209–211).

2.      The key word in Colossians is “______________” (209).

3.      Know the key verse in Colossians.

4.      In order to counter the false teaching that confronted the Colossian believers, Paul focused on the ____________ and ____________ of Jesus Christ (Col 1:15–20).

5.      The two major sections of Colossians are (1) the __________ section (1:1–2:23); and (2) the __________ section (3:1–4:18). (212–216)

6.      Describe how knowledge of God’s will counteracts knowledge of the Colossian heresy (212).

7.      Paul’s letter to the Colossians highlights Christ as the head of the body by citing an early Christian hymn in __________ (212–213).

8.      The early Christian hymn cited in Col 1:15–20 praises Christ as __________ and depicts his role as __________ (212–213).

9.      The Colossian Heresy was based in ________, wisdom and mystery that are unknowable (214).

10.  Discuss three specific aspects of the Colossian Heresy (214–215).


Chapter 17

1 Thessalonians: The Return of Christ

1.      The apostle Paul wrote 1 Thessalonians to the church at Thessalonica about ________ during the ________ Missionary journey (218–221).

2.      Paul was likely residing in ________ when he wrote 1 Thessalonians (220).

3.      The key word in 1 Thessalonians is “____________” (218).

4.      Know the key verse in 1 Thessalonians.

5.      Discuss the internal evidence for the Pauline authorship of 1 Thessalonians (218–219).

6.      The city of Thessalonica became the capital of ____________ in 148 BC, and a ______ city in 42 BC (219–220).

7.      The founding of the church in Thessalonica is recounted in ____________ (220).

8.      1 Thessalonians, written about AD 51, is one of Paul’s ________ epistles, perhaps second only to Galatians (221).

9.      Discuss the four major purposes for Paul’s having written 1 Thessalonians (221–222).

10.  What are the two major sections of 1 Thessalonians (222)?

11.  Be able to contrast, using precise biblical support, the rapture and the Second Coming of Christ (223).


Chapter 18

2 Thessalonians: The Day of the Lord

1.      The apostle Paul wrote 2 Thessalonians to the church in Thessalonica within a few months after having written ________________ (226–228).

2.      Paul wrote 2 Thessalonians while staying in ____________ during his second missionary journey around ________ (228).

3.      The key word in 2 Thessalonians is “____________” (226).

4.      Know the key verse in 2 Thessalonians.

5.      Paul expresses his concerns for the Thessalonian Christians because of their __________ and confusion about the ________ (228).

6.      Compare the concepts of the “rapture” (Gk. harpazō) in 1 Thessalonians and the “Day of the Lord” in 2 Thessalonians (228, 230; cf. 224).

7.      Beginning 2 Thessalonians on a positive note, Paul commends the Thessalonian believers for their __________ and ________ (229; 2 Thess 1:3–4).

8.      Discuss the two primary nuances of the term parousia within the context of 2 Thessalonians (230).

9.      Name the two events that must occur before the Day of the Lord can begin (230–231).

10.   Second Thessalonians 2:12–17 emphasizes the importance of the Thessalonian believers standing firm and being established in ______ ______ (231).


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